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Aired : 10 Jun. 2013

Season 1 Episode 1

Ragnar goes on a trip of initiation with his son. Meanwhile, he thinks he has finally found a way to sail ships to the west. However, his beliefs are seen as insane so he chooses to go against the law.

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Vikings S1E1 - Rites of Passage

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Vikings S4E4 - Yol

Vikings S4E5 - Promised

Vikings S4E6 - What Might Have Been

Vikings S4E7 - The Profit and the Loss

Vikings S4E8 - Portage

Vikings S4E9 - Death All 'Round

Vikings S4E10 - The Last Ship

Vikings S4E11 - The Outsider

Vikings S4E12 - The Vision

Vikings S4E13 - Two Journeys

Vikings S4E14 - In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning

Vikings S4E15 - All His Angels

Vikings S4E16 - Crossings

Vikings S4E17 - The Great Army

Vikings S4E18 - Revenge

Vikings S4E19 - On the Eve

Vikings S4E20 - The Reckoning

Vikings S5E1 - The Departed, Part 1

Vikings S5E3 - Homeland

Vikings S5E4 - The Plan

Vikings S5E5 - The Prisoner

Vikings S5E6 - The Message

Vikings S5E7 - Full Moon

Vikings S5E8 - The Joke

Vikings S5E9 - A Simple Story

Vikings S5E10 - Moments of Vision

Vikings S5E2 - The Departed, Part 2

Vikings S5E11 - The Revelation

Vikings S5E12 - Murder Most Foul

Vikings S5E13 - A New God

Vikings S5E14 - The Lost Moment

Vikings S5E15 - Hell

Vikings S5E16 - The Buddha

Vikings S5E17 - The Most Terrible Thing

Vikings S5E18 - Baldur

Vikings S5E19 - What Happens in the Cave

Vikings S5E20 - Ragnarok

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