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Aired : 2 Oct. 2011

Season 1 Episode 1

Eight years after being listed as missing in action and presumed dead in Iraq, Marine Corps Sgt. Nicholas Brody is found alive in an Al Qaeda prison. He returns home to a hero's welcome and begins reconnecting with his family. His wife Jessica welcomes him back while his daughter Dana has only a slim memory of him. Son Chris doesn't remember him at all. He's not aware that his wife had begun a serious relationship with his best friend. Meanwhile, CIA agent Carrie Mathison has been back in Washington for 10 months after a tour of duty in Iraq that ended when she bribed...

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Homeland S1E1 - Pilot

Homeland S1E2 - Grace

Homeland S1E3 - Clean Skin

Homeland S1E4 - Semper I

Homeland S1E5 - Blind Spot

Homeland S1E6 - The Good Soldier

Homeland S1E7 - The Weekend

Homeland S1E8 - Achilles Heel

Homeland S1E9 - Crossfire

Homeland S1E10 - Representative Brody

Homeland S1E11 - The Vest

Homeland S1E12 - Marine One

Homeland S2E1 - The Smile

Homeland S2E2 - Beirut Is Back

Homeland S2E3 - State of Independence

Homeland S2E4 - New Car Smell

Homeland S2E5 - Q&A

Homeland S2E6 - A Gettysburg Address

Homeland S2E7 - The Clearing

Homeland S2E8 - I'll Fly Away

Homeland S2E9 - Two Hats

Homeland S2E10 - Broken Hearts

Homeland S2E11 - In Memoriam

Homeland S2E12 - The Choice

Homeland S3E1 - Tin Man Is Down

Homeland S3E2 - Uh... Oh... Ah...

Homeland S3E3 - Tower of David

Homeland S3E4 - Game On

Homeland S3E5 - The Yoga Play

Homeland S3E6 - Still Positive

Homeland S3E7 - Gerontion

Homeland S3E8 - A Red Wheelbarrow

Homeland S3E9 - One Last Thing

Homeland S3E10 - Good Night

Homeland S3E11 - Big Man in Tehran

Homeland S3E12 - The Star

Homeland S4E1 - The Drone Queen & Trylon and Perisphere

Homeland S4E3 - Shalwar Kameez

Homeland S4E4 - Iron in the Fire

Homeland S4E5 - About a Boy

Homeland S4E6 - From A to B and Back Again

Homeland S4E7 - Redux

Homeland S4E8 - Halfway to a Donut

Homeland S4E9 - There's Something Else Going On

Homeland S4E10 - 13 Hours in Islamabad

Homeland S4E11 - Krieg Nicht Lieb

Homeland S4E12 - Long Time Coming

Homeland S5E1 - Separation Anxiety

Homeland S5E2 - The Tradition of Hospitality

Homeland S5E3 - Super Powers

Homeland S5E4 - Why Is This Night Different?

Homeland S5E5 - Better Call Saul

Homeland S5E6 - Parabiosis

Homeland S5E7 - Oriole

Homeland S5E8 - All About Allison

Homeland S5E9 - The Litvinov Ruse

Homeland S5E10 - New Normal

Homeland S5E11 - Our Man in Damascus

Homeland S5E12 - A False Glimmer

Homeland S6E1 - Fair Game

Homeland S6E2 - The Man in the Basement

Homeland S6E3 - The Covenant

Homeland S6E4 - A Flash of Light

Homeland S6E5 - Casus Belli

Homeland S6E6 - The Return

Homeland S6E7 - Imminent Risk

Homeland S6E8 - Alt.Truth

Homeland S6E9 - Sock Puppets

Homeland S6E10 - The Flag House

Homeland S6E11 - R for Romeo

Homeland S6E12 - America First

Homeland S7E1 - Enemy of the State

Homeland S7E2 - Rebel Rebel

Homeland S7E3 - Standoff

Homeland S7E4 - Like Bad at Things

Homeland S7E5 - Active Measures

Homeland S7E6 - Species Jump

Homeland S7E7 - Andante

Homeland S7E8 - Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter

Homeland S7E9 - Useful Idiot

Homeland S7E10 - Clarity

Homeland S7E11 - All In

Homeland S7E12 - Paean to the People

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