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Aired : 1 Apr. 2013

Season 1 Episode 1

A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate.

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Suits S1E1 - Pilot

Suits S1E2 - Errors and Omissions

Suits S1E3 - Inside Track

Suits S1E4 - Dirty Little Secrets

Suits S1E5 - Bail Out

Suits S1E6 - Tricks of the Trade

Suits S1E7 - Play the Man

Suits S1E8 - Identity Crisis

Suits S1E9 - Undefeated

Suits S1E10 - The Shelf Life

Suits S1E11 - Rules of the Game

Suits S1E12 - Dog Fight

Suits S2E1 - She Knows

Suits S2E2 - The Choice

Suits S2E3 - Meet the New Boss

Suits S2E4 - Discovery

Suits S2E5 - Break Point

Suits S2E6 - All In

Suits S2E7 - Sucker Punch

Suits S2E8 - Rewind

Suits S2E9 - Asterisk

Suits S2E10 - High Noon

Suits S2E11 - Blind-Sided

Suits S2E12 - Blood in the Water

Suits S2E13 - Zane vs. Zane

Suits S2E14 - He's Back

Suits S2E15 - Normandy

Suits S2E16 - War

Suits S3E1 - The Arrangement

Suits S3E2 - I Want You to Want Me

Suits S3E3 - Unfinished Business

Suits S3E4 - Conflict of Interest

Suits S3E5 - Shadow of a Doubt

Suits S3E6 - The Other Time

Suits S3E7 - She's Mine

Suits S3E8 - Endgame

Suits S3E9 - Bad Faith

Suits S3E10 - Stay

Suits S3E11 - Buried Secrets

Suits S3E12 - Yesterday's Gone

Suits S3E13 - Moot Point

Suits S3E14 - Heartburn

Suits S3E15 - Know When to Fold 'Em

Suits S3E16 - No Way Out

Suits S4E1 - One-Two-Three Go...

Suits S4E2 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Suits S4E3 - Two in the Knees

Suits S4E4 - Leveraged

Suits S4E5 - Pound of Flesh

Suits S4E6 - Litt the Hell Up

Suits S4E7 - We're Done

Suits S4E8 - Exposure

Suits S4E9 - Gone

Suits S4E10 - This Is Rome

Suits S4E11 - Enough Is Enough

Suits S4E12 - Respect

Suits S4E13 - Fork in the Road

Suits S4E14 - Derailed

Suits S4E15 - Intent

Suits S4E16 - Not Just a Pretty Face

Suits S5E1 - Denial

Suits S5E2 - Compensation

Suits S5E3 - No Refills

Suits S5E4 - No Puedo Hacerlo

Suits S5E5 - Toe to Toe

Suits S5E6 - Privilege

Suits S5E7 - Hitting Home

Suits S5E8 - Mea Culpa

Suits S5E9 - Uninvited Guests

Suits S5E10 - Faith

Suits S5E11 - Blowback

Suits S5E12 - Live to Fight...

Suits S5E13 - God's Green Earth

Suits S5E14 - Self Defense

Suits S5E15 - Tick Tock

Suits S5E16 - 25th Hour

Suits S6E1 - To Trouble

Suits S6E2 - Accounts Payable

Suits S6E3 - Back on the Map

Suits S6E4 - Turn

Suits S6E5 - Trust

Suits S6E6 - Spain

Suits S6E7 - Shake the Trees

Suits S6E8 - Borrowed Time

Suits S6E9 - The Hand That Feeds You

Suits S6E10 - P.S.L.

Suits S6E11 - She's Gone

Suits S6E12 - The Painting

Suits S6E13 - Teeth, Nose, Teeth

Suits S6E14 - Admission of Guilt

Suits S6E15 - Quid Pro Quo

Suits S6E16 - Character and Fitness

Suits S7E1 - Skin in the Game

Suits S7E2 - The Statue

Suits S7E3 - Mudmare

Suits S7E4 - Divide and Conquer

Suits S7E5 - Brooklyn Housing

Suits S7E6 - Home to Roost

Suits S7E7 - Full Disclosure

Suits S7E8 - 100

Suits S7E9 - Shame

Suits S7E10 - Donna

Suits S7E11 - Hard Truths

Suits S7E12 - Bad Man

Suits S7E13 - Inevitable

Suits S7E14 - Pulling the Goalie

Suits S7E15 - Tiny Violin

Suits S7E16 - Goodbye

Suits S8E1 - Right-Hand Man

Suits S8E2 - Pecking Order

Suits S8E3 - Promises, Promises

Suits S8E4 - Revenue Per Square Foot

Suits S8E5 - Good Mudding

Suits S8E6 - Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter

Suits S8E7 - Sour Grapes

Suits S8E8 - Coral Gables

Suits S8E9 - Motion to Delay

Suits S8E10 - Managing Partner

Suits S8E11 - Rocky 8

Suits S8E12 - Whale Hunt

Suits S8E13 - The Greater Good

Suits S8E14 - Peas in a Pod

Suits S8E15 - Stalking Horse

Suits S8E16 - Harvey

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