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Aired : 15 Apr. 2012

Season 1 Episode 1

Hannah searches for a job in New York City after she is cut off financially by her parents.

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Girls S1E1 - Pilot

Girls S1E2 - Vagina Panic

Girls S1E3 - All Adventurous Women Do

Girls S1E4 - Hannah's Diary

Girls S1E5 - Hard Being Easy

Girls S1E6 - The Return

Girls S1E7 - Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident

Girls S1E8 - Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

Girls S1E9 - Leave Me Alone

Girls S1E10 - She Did

Girls S2E1 - It's About Time

Girls S2E2 - I Get Ideas

Girls S2E3 - Bad Friend

Girls S2E4 - It's a Shame About Ray

Girls S2E5 - One Man's Trash

Girls S2E6 - Boys

Girls S2E7 - Video Games

Girls S2E8 - It's Back

Girls S2E9 - On All Fours

Girls S2E10 - Together

Girls S3E1 - Females Only

Girls S3E2 - Truth or Dare

Girls S3E3 - She Said OK

Girls S3E4 - Dead Inside

Girls S3E5 - Only Child

Girls S3E6 - Free Snacks

Girls S3E7 - Beach House

Girls S3E8 - Incidentals

Girls S3E9 - Flo

Girls S3E10 - Role-Play

Girls S3E11 - I Saw You

Girls S3E12 - Two Plane Rides

Girls S4E1 - Iowa

Girls S4E2 - Triggering

Girls S4E3 - Female Author

Girls S4E4 - Cubbies

Girls S4E5 - Sit-In

Girls S4E6 - Close Up

Girls S4E7 - Ask Me My Name

Girls S4E8 - Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz

Girls S4E9 - Daddy Issues

Girls S4E10 - Home Birth

Girls S5E1 - Wedding Day

Girls S5E2 - Good Man

Girls S5E3 - Japan

Girls S5E4 - Old Loves

Girls S5E5 - Queen for Two Days

Girls S5E6 - The Panic in Central Park

Girls S5E7 - Hello Kitty

Girls S5E8 - Homeward Bound

Girls S5E9 - Love Stories

Girls S5E10 - I Love You Baby

Girls S6E1 - All I Ever Wanted

Girls S6E2 - Hostage Situation

Girls S6E3 - American Bitch

Girls S6E4 - Painful Evacuation

Girls S6E5 - Gummies

Girls S6E6 - Full Disclosure

Girls S6E7 - The Bounce

Girls S6E8 - What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

Girls S6E9 - Goodbye Tour

Girls S6E10 - Latching

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