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Aired : 16 Nov. 2004

Season 1 Episode 1

Young kindergarten teacher Rebecca Adler collapses in her classroom after losing intelligible speech while teaching students.

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House S1E2 - Paternity

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House S1E1 - Pilot

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House S2E20 - Euphoria: Part 1

House S2E21 - Euphoria: Part 2

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House S3E8 - Whac-A-Mole

House S3E9 - Finding Judas

House S3E10 - Merry Little Christmas

House S3E11 - Words and Deeds

House S3E12 - One Day, One Room

House S3E13 - Needle in a Haystack

House S3E14 - Insensitive

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House S3E16 - Top Secret

House S3E17 - Fetal Position

House S3E18 - Airborne

House S3E19 - Act Your Age

House S3E20 - House Training

House S3E21 - Family

House S3E22 - Resignation

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House S3E24 - Human Error

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House S4E3 - 97 Seconds

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House S4E14 - Living the Dream

House S4E15 - House's Head

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House S5E1 - Dying Changes Everything

House S5E2 - Not Cancer

House S5E3 - Adverse Events

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House S5E5 - Lucky Thirteen

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House S5E8 - Emancipation

House S5E9 - Last Resort

House S5E10 - Let Them Eat Cake

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House S5E14 - The Greater Good

House S5E15 - Unfaithful

House S5E16 - The Softer Side

House S5E17 - The Social Contract

House S5E18 - Here Kitty

House S5E19 - Locked In

House S5E20 - Simple Explanation

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House S6E2 - Epic Fail

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House S6E8 - Ignorance Is Bliss

House S6E9 - Wilson

House S6E10 - The Down Low

House S6E11 - Remorse

House S6E12 - Moving the Chains

House S6E13 - 5 to 9

House S6E14 - Private Lives

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House S6E16 - Lockdown

House S6E17 - Knight Fall

House S6E18 - Open and Shut

House S6E19 - The Choice

House S6E20 - Baggage

House S6E21 - Help Me

House S7E1 - Now What?

House S7E2 - Selfish

House S7E3 - Unwritten

House S7E4 - Massage Therapy

House S7E5 - Unplanned Parenthood

House S7E6 - Office Politics

House S7E7 - A Pox on Our House

House S7E8 - Small Sacrifices

House S7E9 - Larger Than Life

House S7E10 - Carrot or Stick

House S7E11 - Family Practice

House S7E12 - You Must Remember This

House S7E13 - Two Stories

House S7E14 - Recession Proof

House S7E15 - Bombshells

House S7E16 - Out of the Chute

House S7E17 - Fall from Grace

House S7E18 - The Dig

House S7E19 - Last Temptation

House S7E20 - Changes

House S7E21 - The Fix

House S7E22 - After Hours

House S7E23 - Moving On

House S8E1 - Twenty Vicodin

House S8E2 - Transplant

House S8E3 - Charity Case

House S8E4 - Risky Business

House S8E5 - The Confession

House S8E6 - Parents

House S8E7 - Dead & Buried

House S8E8 - Perils of Paranoia

House S8E9 - Better Half

House S8E10 - Runaways

House S8E11 - Nobody's Fault

House S8E12 - Chase

House S8E13 - Man of the House

House S8E14 - Love is Blind

House S8E15 - Blowing the Whistle

House S8E16 - Gut Check

House S8E17 - We Need the Eggs

House S8E18 - Body and Soul

House S8E19 - The C Word

House S8E20 - Post Mortem

House S8E21 - Holding On

House S8E22 - Everybody Dies

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