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Aired : 9 Aug. 2014

Season 1 Episode 1

1945 England: Claire Randall reunites with her husband after five years of war. A second honeymoon goes awry when she falls back through time to 1740's Scotland.

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Outlander S1E1 - Sassenach

Outlander S1E2 - Castle Leoch

Outlander S1E3 - The Way Out

Outlander S1E4 - The Gathering

Outlander S1E5 - Rent

Outlander S1E6 - The Garrison Commander

Outlander S1E7 - The Wedding

Outlander S1E8 - Both Sides Now

Outlander S1E9 - The Reckoning

Outlander S1E10 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Outlander S1E11 - The Devil's Mark

Outlander S1E12 - Lallybroch

Outlander S1E13 - The Watch

Outlander S1E14 - The Search

Outlander S1E15 - Wentworth Prison

Outlander S1E16 - To Ransom a Man's Soul

Outlander S2E1 - Through a Glass, Darkly

Outlander S2E2 - Not in Scotland Anymore

Outlander S2E3 - Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Outlander S2E4 - La Dame Blanche

Outlander S2E5 - Untimely Resurrection

Outlander S2E6 - Best Laid Schemes...

Outlander S2E7 - Faith

Outlander S2E8 - The Fox's Lair

Outlander S2E9 - Je Suis Prest

Outlander S2E10 - Prestonpans

Outlander S2E11 - Vengeance Is Mine

Outlander S2E12 - The Hail Mary

Outlander S2E13 - Dragonfly in Amber

Outlander S3E1 - The Battle Joined

Outlander S3E2 - Surrender

Outlander S3E3 - All Debts Paid

Outlander S3E4 - Of Lost Things

Outlander S3E5 - Freedom & Whisky

Outlander S3E6 - A. Malcolm

Outlander S3E7 - Creme de Menthe

Outlander S3E8 - First Wife

Outlander S3E9 - The Doldrums

Outlander S3E10 - Heaven and Earth

Outlander S3E11 - Uncharted

Outlander S3E12 - The Bakra

Outlander S3E13 - Eye of the Storm

Outlander S4E1 - America the Beautiful

Outlander S4E2 - Do No Harm

Outlander S4E3 - The False Bride

Outlander S4E4 - Common Ground

Outlander S4E5 - Savages

Outlander S4E6 - Blood of My Blood

Outlander S4E7 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Outlander S4E8 - Wilmington

Outlander S4E9 - The Birds and The Bees

Outlander S4E10 - The Deep Heart's Core

Outlander S4E11 - If Not For Hope

Outlander S4E12 - Providence

Outlander S4E13 - Man of Worth

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