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Aired : 1 Jan. 2016

Season 1 Episode 1

When an inside tip is received it sets off a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

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Billions S1E1 - Pilot

Billions S1E2 - Naming Rights

Billions S1E3 - YumTime

Billions S1E4 - Short Squeeze

Billions S1E5 - The Good Life

Billions S1E6 - The Deal

Billions S1E7 - The Punch

Billions S1E8 - Boasts and Rails

Billions S1E9 - Where the F*ck Is Donnie?

Billions S1E10 - Quality of Life

Billions S1E11 - Magical Thinking

Billions S1E12 - The Conversation

Billions S2E1 - Risk Management

Billions S2E2 - Dead Cat Bounce

Billions S2E3 - Optimal Play

Billions S2E4 - The Oath

Billions S2E5 - Currency

Billions S2E6 - Indian Four

Billions S2E7 - Victory Lap

Billions S2E8 - The Kingmaker

Billions S2E9 - Sic Transit Imperium

Billions S2E10 - With or Without You

Billions S2E11 - Golden Frog Time

Billions S2E12 - Ball in Hand

Billions S3E1 - Tie Goes to the Runner

Billions S3E2 - The Wrong Maria Gonzalez

Billions S3E3 - A Generation Too Late

Billions S3E4 - Hell of a Ride

Billions S3E5 - Flaw in the Death Star

Billions S3E6 - The Third Ortolan

Billions S3E7 - Not You, Mr. Dake

Billions S3E8 - All the Wilburys

Billions S3E9 - Icebreaker

Billions S3E10 - Redemption

Billions S3E11 - Kompenso

Billions S3E12 - Elmsley Count

Billions S4E1 - Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

Billions S4E3 - Chickentown

Billions S4E12 - Extreme Sandbox

Billions S4E2 - Arousal Template

Billions S4E4 - Overton Window

Billions S4E5 - A Proper Sendoff

Billions S4E6 - Maximum Recreational Depth

Billions S4E7 - Infinite Game

Billions S4E8 - Fight Night

Billions S4E9 - American Champion

Billions S4E10 - New Year's Day

Billions S4E11 - 411

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